Appropriate Use of Electronic Resources Policy
The SUSS Library licenses a range of electronic resources (databases, journals, ebooks, streaming audio/video, etc.) from commercial vendors as part of our ongoing effort to support the intellectual endeavours of the SUSS community. Access to these electronic resources is restricted to primary affiliates of the University: current students, faculty, associates and staff. Guest affiliates are permitted to access electronic resources on-site. Use of these electronic resources is governed by license agreements with the content providers as well as the Singapore Copyright Act. You may use these resources for non-commercial, non-profit, teaching, learning and research purposes. It is the responsibility of all users to respect the intellectual rights of publishers and vendors by using these resources responsibly, respectfully and ethically. The following activities are prohibited:
  • Sharing your library ID and password with others
  • Allowing access to electronic resources by unauthorised users
  • Copying and downloading massive amounts of information from any of these resources
  • Transmitting and sharing licensed content beyond the SUSS community
  • Selling or making commercial use of licensed content
  • Using systems and programmes to mine licensed resources
  • Violating the Singapore Copyright Act
Non-compliance may result in:
  • Loss of library privileges and disciplinary action for the individual
  • Loss of access to the electronic resource(s) for the University community